EliteDash accounting is built offer projections on your income and help you collect online payments and manage your clients.
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Information Tracking

EliteDash intelligently tracks each invoice and payment. Our platform accounts for future scheduled payments to help you plan ahead. Feel secure about your future using EliteDash.

inbox Deposit and payment failures alerts.

priority_high See past due invoices.


Use EliteDash accounting to track your projected finances for months to come. This will help you map out a solid financial plan as you review current and expected revenue with anticipated changes.

show_chart Understandable charts and graphs.

insert_chart_outlined Know your future income.

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Online appointment scheduling has never been easier than with EliteDash's online appointment scheduling built with online payemnts.


In the event that a transaction fails or is rejected, EliteDash will notify you immediately. You can take action knowing exactly when a transaction has or has not been processed, with a current and correct record.

Get started accepting online payments within minutes and take advantage of online appointment scheduling.

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